Let’s Do The Roux

Sarah of Think Twice Style went to a great event in Baton Rouge this past week and offered to share with everyone. Want to cover an event for the Southern Fashion Bloggers? E-mail us at southernfashbloggers@gmail.com.
The Roux House in downtown Baton Rouge was a hotspot of fashion Thursday February 24 and I was lucky enough to catch it all. A few of the beautiful people of Baton Rouge gathered at the Roux House to celebrate a style blast from the past. Time Warp Vintage Boutique of Baton Rouge supplied stunning attire from decade’s past for the enjoyment of those in attendance. Hair and makeup for the models was provided by local salons.  Mike Abadie, of Viral Image Productions, provided official photography coverage for the event. This was just a sampling of the fashions on display! It was a wonderful, high energy return to a low energy time.
Now on with the show…

Bright and sunny, flowers galore

Meet Mrs. Jones, she wins my award for best in show!

Spangle, Bangle, Strut your stuff!

The Showstopper... Black Widow

Gorgeous sequin bustier with a tribal skirt

Float away with chiffon and feathers

Sheer lace with black hot pants... not your Momma's formal

Purple clouds at sunset


3 thoughts on “Let’s Do The Roux

  1. Baton Rouge is my 2nd home, whenever I see ANYTHING about it, it just makes me smile…these pics are GREAT, the event looks like it was AWESOME and I LOVE this whimsical, purple dress…to DIE for!

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