New Orleans Fashion Week Blogger Panel: Creating A Compelling Voice

Whew! For two weeks we were busy covering not one but two fashion weeks here in New Orleans, both of which had a slew to events to offer the city. The second week #NOLAFW hosted a number of parties, workshops, and runway shows but the most advantageous for bloggers to attend was a panel of well known bloggers from New York City including My Style Pill, Saucy Glossie, Keiko Lynn, and This Fellow . Sponsored by NOLA Tidbits and hosted at the Martine Chaissone Gallery these lovely ladies (and one guy) were here to share with us their perspectives. The following were the notes taken by Christy.


The lovely panelists

What’s in a blog name?

The most important and perhaps hardest decision when first creating a blog is thinking of a name. It’s going to be your calling card. Everyone gave examples of fun, catchy and very personal references. Regardless of whether or not they like the names they’ve chosen they have kept them.

My Style Pill- Idea that we all take pills every day

Saucy Glossie- Lived in Australia where magazines are called glossies

Keiko Lynn-  Her name

This Fellow- A reference from one of his favorite books


Misconceptions of fashion bloggers


Get pegged into being shallow, only care about outfits and taking pictures of yourself but everyone is multifaceted and has different interests aside from fashion.


You can use your platform to raise awareness of issues that are dear to you. Ex. Keiko mentioned Japan


If you choose to talk about other interests you could turn off potential readers, but if it matters to you then go for it. If you are very passionate about something that will show through. Ex. Keiko sometimes mentions politics on her site.


Evolving Your Brand

Remain true to yourself. If you read other blogs you will certainly be influenced by them but don’t let that distract from you. Work on developing yourself as a brand.


What Determines Brands You Feature


Point of view- Narrow down your point of view be aspirational

Saucy Glossie cited an example of being approached by Burberry. As nice as it would be to get a free Burberry handbag it wouldn’t coincide with her POV, which highlights affordable items.

Don’t get too excited when companies start to offer you free stuff! Be discriminating with your choices, and don’t just take every offer that comes your way. Remember that you are doing the brand a favor by tapping a direct line into their customer base. Saucie Glossie posed the question what will a free pair of shoes do for your readers?

Everyone said they like to feature smaller brands. Remember that your readers trust your suggestions


Charge everyone! My Style Pill mentioned she charges everyone (even friends) for ads and sponsorships, treat it like a business relationship


If you are a brand how do you get a bloggers attention? Write an eloquent e-mail. Poor syntax or poor punctuation and grammar is a turn off!


Bloggers Read

Cupcakes & Cashmere Atlantic-Pacific.blogspot

Lots of mention about food blogs

Focus on your aesthetic- shows passion and that you put work into it


Most favorite/least favorite posts


All mentioned how original content is really important- don’t just take someone else’s content and recycle it


Be self sufficient, know how to take your own outfit photos, learn to do everything yourself


“What was I thinking moment” – Putting outfits together that aren’t really your style

Keiko mentioned that travel shots are her fav taking pictures of new places, getting new scenery

Don’t look back at old entries- it’s like looking at love letters to an ex- might make you cringe that you ever felt that way!

Developing a voice is the hardest thing to do. Most importantly your blog should make you feel inspired and empowered. Always write for yourself, no matter what and focus on what you know.

Think about offering a service- ex. My style pill and the paper doll idea

This Fellow mentions that he was approached by Fossil to create a Valentine’s Day menu. He just picked something that he liked, made it up as he went and had fun with it.


Can you blog from anywhere?

You can take blogging on the road, don’t have to live in NYC to do it. Let your surroundings tell a story. At this point it is edgy to be from somewhere else besides NYC, California, or even Austin

Niche is also really important


Look for what is cool and next. Don’t try to sound too lofty. Edit yourself to sound like you are talking to your best friend. When readers happen upon your blog it should feel like a conversation, like you know them and they are talking to a friend.  By building a loyal readership your numbers will grow.

How do you support yourself as a blogger?

You have to establish a readership first.  Remember that most bloggers have jobs. Run yourself like a business. Use your blog as a platform for other things, it really is your best portfolio!


And of course no event wrap up would be complete without pictures of the fabulous patrons of the evening!


@chanelcraves @juleytl

@slowsouthstyle @sexymeetsclassy @andieaton

See all of the photos from the event at the Southern Fashion Bloggers Facebook page or at the New Orleans Fashion Week page.




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