Fashion Challenge: The $100 outfit

Hi ladies! It’s been a while but we are back and ready to announce a fun new project we have for everyone, the $100 challenge!


The idea is simple, post a complete outfit on your blog in which you’ve spent less than $100 on.

Easier said than done right? We want to see you get as creative as possible and you can choose to exclude accessories and shoes or if you are up for a real penny pinch go ahead and make it a Benjamin for the entire ensemble. We are out to prove that you can look fabulous no matter what your budget is. So whether you are a thrift store shopper,eBay lover, a sale rack aficionado or an expert in hand me downs we want to see what you come up with. Items can be things that you’ve owned for years or recent purchases.

Post a link to this blog post in the form of a comment and we will re-post our favorites here and on our Facebook!

So get to stylin’ ladies and we can’t wait to see your great outfits!




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