Blogging Resolutions

It’s been a minute, but we are reformatting and refreshing the Southern Fashion Bloggers for 2012. That’s right, welcome to an active new year. You’ll start seeing changes starting in January, including a new blogger of the month series. Each month we will be highlighting a different gal from a different state, so start casting your votes now by leaving a comment on this post.

Until we get fully up and at ’em we’d like to suggest four tips, blogging resolutions if you will, to help stay on track in the new year.

1. Start an editorial calender

Whether you choose to use Google calenders or find a pretty one at a bookstore, setting a schedule is a big help when you’ve got writer’s blog or find yourself too distracted to blog. Map out a week or even a month’s worth of posts and see if you can stick to it.

2. Start a mood board

Again whether you are on Pinterest or prefer cutting out magazine images, keeping pictures of things that inspire you close by can be the difference between pulling your hair out trying to formulate a post or happily hitting publish.

3. Comment on other blogs

As bloggers we all become giddy when we check out inbox and find that someone has left their insight on a post. Remember the mantra “What goes around comes around” and make an effort to leave a heartfelt comment on every blog that illicits a response from you.

4. Break your own rules

Always post on a Tuesday? Switch days. Only post outfit posts or Polyvore sets? Try branching out by covering a local event, scanning vintage photographs of your family, or interview someone you know with great style. You’ll have fun doing something different and your readers will appreciate the fresh content.

Do you have any blogging resolutions for the


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