How to start a fashion blog in four easy steps

1. Start writing.

2. Start taking photographs.

3. Hit publish.

4. Repeat.

Sounds overly simplistic right? Not really. With so many fashion bloggers monetizing their sites, attracting national attention, and upping the bar on professionalism, it can be intimidating to start a blog these days. You might feel the need to hire a graphic designer for your logo, buy a custom domain name, a dSLR camera, start a Twitter, Facebook page, the list goes on. With all of that work, it’s amazing anyone has the time to put out content!

No matter how pretty everything looks, grammar and proper spelling rule the roost. You’ve got to have substance to back up that style! Find a topic to focus on, but give yourself the freedom to explore as you develop your voice over time.

You’ll also want sharp photos, but there is no need for shelling out $1,000 on a camera if you don’t have that kind of cash. Buy what you can afford, and let your originality shine through. There are people that blog just using their camera phones, and use filters to create interesting images.

And most importantly, have fun with it! There’s so much emphasis on going pro these days, that sometimes the fun of blogging gets lost in the sea of monetization discussions. Remember, content and creativity first!



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