Blog of the Month: Ria Michelle

Our Blogger of the Month for June is Ria Michelle, a Miami based blogger with fantastic style and one of my personal favorites!

Imagephoto c/o Ria Michelle


– When did you decide to start blogging?

I started blogging when I was young around 13, but professional fashion blogging I guess about two years ago.

– How would you describe your style?
I wouldn’t, I’m labeless. I dress to express my moods usually. I guess some would say I’m sort of edgy, but I switch that up sometimes too. 
Imagephoto c/o Ria Michelle
– What are some of your favorite blogs (local and not)?
Locally, my friends Le Pretty Stellar and Capture Fashion, they have a fabulous sense of style and the type of production quality I like to immerse myself in on the internet. I’ve recently fallen in love with Bambi’s Armoire, seriously good personal style and photos and I love Oracle Foxfor inspiration. 

– How do you think your blog has helped your online boutique, or vice versa?
I don’t really connect my blog and boutique together too often. I think of them as separate business entities. I do have an ad up for Filthy Magic up on my blog of course and I wear pieces on the blog a lot and link to the store. That’s as far as the cross promotion goes. I rarely push the store via my blog but just linking to the products like any other item definitely sends traffic my way. 
Imagephoto c/o Ria Michelle
– Do you have any advice for anyone who is interested in fashion blogging or is just starting out?
Find your voice and be true to it. Set a standard of quality for yourself. 

– What do you think is unique or different about the fashion scene in Miami compared to other cities?

The fashion scene in Miami is kind of new in that it’s just now coming into it’s own so it’s wonderful to be at the birth of something instead of just coming in to an already established scene. Here you get to grow together.


Check her out on Facebook

Twitter: @RiaMichelle

She also runs an online boutique: Filthy Magic


3 thoughts on “Blog of the Month: Ria Michelle

  1. You always share the best blogs and most stylish ladies! I can’t wait to cruise through all of Ria Michelle’s past outfit posts for ideas. Thank you for asking such great questions and featuring such talented folks!

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