Southern Fashion Bloggers serves the purpose of connecting fashion bloggers all over the southern United States. From Texas to Florida, Louisiana to South Carolina and every state in between bloggers of the south can come together and share ideas, collaborate on projects and promote their blogs all in one place.


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  1. I would love to be included in this. I’ve been looking for something like this, a network for southern bloggers specifically. I’m from central Louisiana and my blog is on life and style on a budget. I’m obsessed with New Orleans and make the trip there frequently. I’d really like to get in the mix. Please let me know how and here is my blog link. http://www.sweett.net. Thanks and it’s great what you’re doing!

  2. Hi,

    My name is Tshwanna Littles, and I am in the process of organizing and designing an online magazine dedicated to the Southern region of the United States that will shed light on our fashion, music, theatre and other things dedicated to the arts, I am currently seeking people that would be interested in acting as writers for the magazine, if you are anyone you may know would be interested in writing for the fashion portion of the magazine, please email or have them to email me at nirvanaentgroup@gmail.com. This project will begin as unpaid with the hopes of gaining enough advertisement deals that would allow it be an extra source of revenue for myself and all parties involved. Again, if you know anyone, PLEASE have them email me. Thanks in advance,
    Tshwanna S Littles

  3. Hello there! I recently started my foray into the world of fashion and beauty blogging. My home base is Mandeville, Louisiana, but I visit NOLA very frequently and shop there a lot. I would love to be included in the Louisiana group!

    My site is http://sevenlies.net, and I’m also on Twitter as sevenlies.

    Hope to hear from you (and maybe get together with some of you) soon!

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