April 2012 Meetup at Glenn Michael Salon

The Southern Fashion Bloggers’ April 2012 meetup was generously hosted at and by Glenn Michael Salons in Metairie, Louisiana. Not only was a fabulous time had, but our gathering was entertaining and informative, thanks to the invaluable tips provided by the Glenn Michael team.

Glenn Michael Salon

Tweeting tips from the day #blowout101:

“Hair gets frizzy not from overdrying, but from lack of control.”

“Hair does not stay where it is heated up. It stays where it is cooled off. Hot to dry, cold to hold.”

“Your tools matter! Ceramic round brush and nozzle on the blow dryer for control.”

“3 elements to a look: 1) Hair texture, 2) Hair cut, 3) Hair color. All combine to create your style.”

One damn good blowout

In addition to blowout 101, we were treated to makeup tips, learned about Desigual, a clothing line with an international customer base.

Desigual is perfect for festival season

In addition to the #Blowout101 tips we received (and yes, use today), we also learned about an amazing service Glenn Michael Salons has introduced to the area. The Evolve Hair System is “a unique semi-permanent hairpiece that provides body, volume, texture, and color without the use of chemicals and requires low maintenance. The Volumizer meets both hair needs and fashion wants, without physical limitations.” The before and after photos are nothing less than unbelievable. And since it’s human hair, you can treat it as you would your own hair; color, blowdry, flat iron, curl. While the transformations are stunning, the stories are often beautiful. Currently, the service is exclusive to Glenn Michael Salons in Louisiana, which is one of only two certified salons from here to South Carolina.

Many thanks to Glenn and his team for the wine, treats and goodies, and for hosting the Southern Fashion Bloggers at your salon!

To see more pictures from the day check out the Southern Fashion Bloggers Facebook page.


March Blogger of the Month- Little Chief Honeybee

Our March Blogger of the Month is Kaelah Bee of Little Chief Honeybee. She’s a fabulous gal from gorgeous Nashville!

Image c/0 Little Chief HoneyBee

What made you decide to start blogging?
I’ve been blogging online since 2002, back on LiveJournal, so it was never really a big step for me. I mean, I was 14 and basically relived my entire teenage life through an online diary… it wasn’t pretty! But in May 2009 I decided to start Little Chief Honeybee as a way to document my solo move from Nashville to NYC while I worked at BUST Magazine. It was then appropriately titled Honeybee in the City, but I decided to add several pieces of the puzzle along the way.

How would you describe your style?

To be honest, I’m very basic! It’s a frilly party dress, tights, cardigan, belt and often very ugly shoes for me. I like to say I “dress as though every day is a tea party”. Maybe overtly feminine but it’s roughed up by my tattoos, piercings, and bright red hair. It’s just a style that I feel comfortable in.

Image c/o Little Chief HoneyBee

What are some of your favorite blogs?

I honestly feel like I don’t have a chance to read many anymore, but when I do it’s always SusannahBean, Love Elycia, and Elsa Bilgren.

Where do you like to shop?

(As in, are you more of an “I’ll find something anywhere” kind of person, or you’ve got your set places you like to go)
I like typical fast fashion places just as much as the next girl (Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc), but a hefty portion of my wardrobe comes from discounted retailers like Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. What I love about them is that not every store carries the same stock, so the (blog) world is slightly less saturated with the same stuff. Ross especially. I’ve found my absolute favorite dresses in the world there for $10-$15!

Image c/o Little Chief Honeybee

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into blogging, or are just starting out?

Be yourself. Don’t chase fame or followers or sponsors or free things. Get into blogging because you have a sincere interest in sharing your opinions and meeting likeminded people. The good things come to those who are honest and diligent about working hard! It doesn’t happen overnight so don’t let the lack of comments or subscribers trip you up! I was blogging to the same 7 people for like 6 months… receiving 0 comments on a hefty majority of my posts. Now I feel like I’m constantly overwhelmed (in the good way!) with how many people read and interact with me!

What do you find to be unique or different about the Southern fashion scene? How do you think the people of Nashville differ from those in the surrounding areas in that sense?

Nashville is a very hip city. Especially where I live in East Nashville. It’s a small version of Portland, honestly! Tons of vintage clad guys and gals, and plenty of people with their own take on what is stylish. There’d be absolutely no way to lump them all in one category but to say that everyone here seems to have a unique perspective on personal style. It’s fun!
Text by Meghan Wright, All images c/o Little Chief Honeybee

How to start a fashion blog in four easy steps

1. Start writing.

2. Start taking photographs.

3. Hit publish.

4. Repeat.

Sounds overly simplistic right? Not really. With so many fashion bloggers monetizing their sites, attracting national attention, and upping the bar on professionalism, it can be intimidating to start a blog these days. You might feel the need to hire a graphic designer for your logo, buy a custom domain name, a dSLR camera, start a Twitter, Facebook page, the list goes on. With all of that work, it’s amazing anyone has the time to put out content!

No matter how pretty everything looks, grammar and proper spelling rule the roost. You’ve got to have substance to back up that style! Find a topic to focus on, but give yourself the freedom to explore as you develop your voice over time.

You’ll also want sharp photos, but there is no need for shelling out $1,000 on a camera if you don’t have that kind of cash. Buy what you can afford, and let your originality shine through. There are people that blog just using their camera phones, and use filters to create interesting images.

And most importantly, have fun with it! There’s so much emphasis on going pro these days, that sometimes the fun of blogging gets lost in the sea of monetization discussions. Remember, content and creativity first!


February Southern Blog of the Month

We’re a little late with this one but say hi to our February blogger of the month, Myrna! She lives in Mississippi and shares her outfit of the day photos on her blog, My Beat Boutique.
What made you decide to start blogging?

I didn’t even know style blogging existed and one night I stumbled upon Cupcakes and Cashmere and that’s when my obsession began. I started following other bloggers and my urge to start my own began. I felt like and still feel like I have something to share.

How would you define your style?

My style is about comfort, mixing color/pattern and classic pieces with the occasional risk. One thing you will always find me in is a comfortable pair of shoes.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Cupcakes and Cashmere, Lucy Laucht, i am Khatu and Gal Meets Glam

Where do you shop?

I like to shop at J.Crew and Zara for my classic pieces, and for my basics and accessories I go to Forever 21 and my local Goodwil

What do you think is most interesting or unique about the Southern fashion scene?

Southern fashion is very interesting ,Mississippi fashion tends to be pretty safe where as New Orleans I find that people take more risks down there. I know  alot  has to do with the availability. New Orleans has so many boutiques, stores and malls where as in Mississippi it’s very limited.

Southern Fashion Blog of the Month- Chanel Craves

We’re starting something new with the new year; each month we’ll be featuring one of our favorite local fashion bloggers. For January we chose the always fabulous Chanel of Chanel Craves to be our Blogger of the Month. 

Image via Chanel Craves

-What made you decide to be a fashion blogger?
A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a fashion blog.  I had no clue fashion blogs existed.  I became obsessed with them not only for a daily dose of inspiration, but as an outlet to share my love of fashion. Over time I noticed that there were very few bloggers from the south, and none that I knew of from Baton Rouge.  That motivated me to start my own blog “Chanel Craves” in 2010 as a way to express my personal style.

-How would you define your style?
Classically girly with an edgy twist.  I like to mix feminine and edgy pieces together to create a look that’s polished, but effortlessly done.

Image via Chanel Craves

– What are some of your favorite blogs (local and not)?

A local favorite of mine is Swank Heights. Other blogs I go to for inspiration are Atlantic-Pacific, This Time Tomorrow, and Brooklyn Blonde.

– Where do you shop?
I definitely like to mix it up, and pull pieces from a variety of places. I shop at high and low end stores. I tend to go to higher end stores for classic pieces that never go out of style, which I don’t mind splurging on. For trendier pieces that may go out of the style the next season, I shop at more affordable stores like Forever 21, H&M, and Zara.  One of a kind pieces that you won’t see anyone else wearing…..vintage stores. My favorite local vintage store is Time Warp in Baton Rouge.

Image via Chanel Craves

– Do you have any advice for people who want to get into fashion blogging, or are just starting out? 
Be yourself.  Let your personality set you apart from the rest.

– What do you think is unique or most interesting about the Southern fashion scene? 

The fashion scene in the south is evolving. Our fashion is influencing others from across the country and events are emerging that were never here before. People are starting to pay attention.

Blogging Resolutions

It’s been a minute, but we are reformatting and refreshing the Southern Fashion Bloggers for 2012. That’s right, welcome to an active new year. You’ll start seeing changes starting in January, including a new blogger of the month series. Each month we will be highlighting a different gal from a different state, so start casting your votes now by leaving a comment on this post.

Until we get fully up and at ’em we’d like to suggest four tips, blogging resolutions if you will, to help stay on track in the new year.

1. Start an editorial calender

Whether you choose to use Google calenders or find a pretty one at a bookstore, setting a schedule is a big help when you’ve got writer’s blog or find yourself too distracted to blog. Map out a week or even a month’s worth of posts and see if you can stick to it.

2. Start a mood board

Again whether you are on Pinterest or prefer cutting out magazine images, keeping pictures of things that inspire you close by can be the difference between pulling your hair out trying to formulate a post or happily hitting publish.

3. Comment on other blogs

As bloggers we all become giddy when we check out inbox and find that someone has left their insight on a post. Remember the mantra “What goes around comes around” and make an effort to leave a heartfelt comment on every blog that illicits a response from you.

4. Break your own rules

Always post on a Tuesday? Switch days. Only post outfit posts or Polyvore sets? Try branching out by covering a local event, scanning vintage photographs of your family, or interview someone you know with great style. You’ll have fun doing something different and your readers will appreciate the fresh content.

Do you have any blogging resolutions for the

A New Orleans fashion blogger contest at Buffalo Exchange

Six New Orleans fashion bloggers had the chance to style mannequins at Buffalo Exchange, a buy/sell/trade store located  in the Garden District. Each lady had two mannequins in which to showcase her own personal style, and the set with the most votes wins a $40 gift card and a feature on the Buffalo Exchange blog! Vote by stopping by the store and filling out a ballot  or you can vote online at the Buffalo Exchange facebook page here by clicking “like” on your favorite one. The contest ends on December 8th and a winner will be selected shortly after that.


Buffalo Exchange

3312 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA 70115


Sarah- Destrehan's Daughter


Ashe- Mischief My Dear


Lana- Chapter29


Mallory- Miss Malaprop


Sontha- Fashion Notion 55


Juley- Swank Heights


All photos courtesy of Buffalo Exchange

Fashion Challenge: The $100 outfit

Hi ladies! It’s been a while but we are back and ready to announce a fun new project we have for everyone, the $100 challenge!


The idea is simple, post a complete outfit on your blog in which you’ve spent less than $100 on.

Easier said than done right? We want to see you get as creative as possible and you can choose to exclude accessories and shoes or if you are up for a real penny pinch go ahead and make it a Benjamin for the entire ensemble. We are out to prove that you can look fabulous no matter what your budget is. So whether you are a thrift store shopper,eBay lover, a sale rack aficionado or an expert in hand me downs we want to see what you come up with. Items can be things that you’ve owned for years or recent purchases.

Post a link to this blog post in the form of a comment and we will re-post our favorites here and on our Facebook!

So get to stylin’ ladies and we can’t wait to see your great outfits!



June Group Post: Sandals

One of the best things about summertime is the ability to pick out a pretty pair of sandals, break out the nail polish and show off those pedicures. This month four bloggers share their favorite pairs of shoes, no closed toed shoes allowed!

If you’d like to participate in July’s group post click here to get on the mailing list for the next go ’round.


fashionably meg

slow southern style

where sexy meets classy

Fashionably Meg's fabulous strappy sandals

Slow Southern Style's platform in taupe

July Meet Up

We are really please to announce our third Louisiana meet up! We’d love to see some new faces and old friends alike. Please RSVP on the Facebook event page or by e-mailing us at southernfashbloggers@gmail.com


What: Southern Fashion Bloggers Meet UP

Where: New Orleans Museum of Art

When: Saturday, July 2nd 2:30pm

Who: Anyone who is a fashion blogger

Image via NOMA website


Join us on Saturday, July 2nd for a cool (as in air conditioned) walk through the New Orleans Museum of Art to view the Read My Pins exhibition. Every fashionable lady knows that jewelry is a highly personal expression and no one know that better than U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright. She famously adorns herself with special pins symbolizing various things like hope and peace. “I wear it as a reminder that jewelry’s greatest value comes not from intrinsic materials or brilliant designs, but from the emotions we invest,”

Read more about it here: http://noma.org/pins.html

“Before long, and without intending it, I found that jewelry had become part of my diplomatic arsenal. Former president George H.W. Bush had been known for saying ‘Read my lips.’ I began encouraging colleagues and reporters to ‘Read my pins.'” – Madeleine Albright