May Blogger of the Month: Ash in Fashion

This month I’m bringing it back to New Orleans with Ashley of Ash in Fashion (formerly Dramatis Personae). She’s got great style and that local flair we all love.


photo c/o Ash in Fashion

– Why did you decide to start blogging?
It was about 5 years ago, and people were just starting to move to self-hosted sites. I had been posting a lot of “What I Want” fashion posts in my Livejournal, and thought moving to a separate place would a) stop boring the guys who read my LJ, b) find others who loved fashion like I did.

– Your blog isn’t limited to just fashion and style, do you think it’s important to incorporate other aspects into your posts?
Incorporating other elements keeps me from getting bored! It also helps, I think, to humanize me & the site. Niche blogging is great, but as we’re finding out, it’s hard to create longevity with a solo topic or super refined niche. I want my blog to evolve as I do, and to reflect my interests as they’re happening. There’s a lot more beauty, for example, on my site right now, because I’m having fun experimenting in that area of my life more! I always have a hard keeping balance within multiple topics though– both due to time and too many interests!
photo c/o Ash in Fashion
– How would you describe your style?
Others have described it as theatrical. I like to think comfortable and classic, with a twist.
– What are some of your favorite blogs? (local and not)
– Do you have any advice for anyone who is interested in fashion/style blogging or just starting out?
Be realistic! Blogging looks like this amazing resource and everyone wants to tap in to it. The truth is, it’s hard work for (often) not a lot of payoff.  It can be really slow to receive the benefits.  It feels nearly impossible to manage a blog full time and full-time job– I don’t know how women do both of those AND have children!
– What do you think is unique or different about the fashion scene and local style here in New Orleans?
New Orleans is a wonderland for fashion! Anything and everything goes, and I think you’ll find diversity that is similar, if not more extraordinary and out there than large cities. New Orleanians have to be creative with fashion when it comes to weather– it’s hard to stay stylish in the heat we get (just like Northeners have that same issue with snow). I’m always looking around me to see how people look cool while it’s hot out!